Why do Asian women want to start dating black men

asian black couple

I am really amazed at the growing trend during the 21st century of Asian women dating black men. I am even grateful that TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy are highlighting these relationships. And when we walk down the streets, you see them hand-in-hand. These aren’t just friends. These couples are more than just friends.

We gotta credit how online dating sites have made all this possible. The growth of interracial dating sites and sites catering to dating Asian women has made these women accessible. The chances of meeting and finding love with an Asian woman are higher now. Plus, as times go by, people are putting less focus on race and more focus on finding love. So you can just meet and fall in love with pretty much anyone!

Why the rise?

Much as the percentage of Asian women and black men interracial couples is generally low, the growth is quite significant. Why the rise? No one can really put a pin on it.

The reasons are probably not any different than when white men date Asians. Its probably just based on mutual attraction, love, and the accessibility brought about by interracial sites. But now that we are seeing Asian women dating black men, this trend is getting attention.

Celebrity Blasian couples

Looking at celebrity interracial couples, we can’t miss this combination. Terrence Howard of “Empire” TV show seems to have had an attraction to Asian women. His 2 ex-wives are Asian. Actor Wesley Snipes is also another example. He has been married to a Korean woman, Nakyung “Nikki” Park, and they have 4 children. Comedian Eddie Griffin has done it too.

Asian women dating black men trend will live on…

Looking at the whole world, the grown is being driven by immigrants. Most Chinese men are in Africa building roads. Africans are in China doing the business. There are so many Chinese immigrants in the US. Blacks and Asians are working closely and living together. So what’s going to stop these interactions?

And with technology and globalization growing, we are definitely going to see more such couples. Your Asian female potential mate could just be a click away…

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