Why Asian women love dating white men

asian woman white man

There are a number of reasons why Asian women date white men. Sadly, some are very stereotypical and very prejudicial. That however isn’t the purpose of this article. Today, we want to look at the positive reasons why most Asian women find white men attractive. Let’s face it. For most relationships, it all starts with physical attraction. The other things follow later. Here are some of the things most Asian women site.

Reasons why Asian women love dating white men

Physical prowess

Most Asian women are attracted to white men because of their physique. They find tall men attractive. Unlike most Asian men, white men tend to be much taller. This is a quality that most women, not just Asians find attractive. So it makes sense for it to be a reason why Asian women date white men.

In many cases white men are more assertive than Asian men

Because of Western culture and upbringing, most white men tend to be more assertive. They are groomed from a tender age to be that way. They are taught how to be go-getters and follow their dreams. Asian women tend to admire this character in comparison to many Asian men who tend to be the opposite. Who doesn’t want a man who has self-confidence? At least this way, they are guaranteed that a man will take control of the relationship. Plus, there is no guessing whether a man likes you or not. If he likes you he will make it known.

Why Asian women date white men is because they are likely to share domestic duties

White men don’t mind getting their hands dirty with house chores. Whether it is cleaning or cooking, they will always be happy to help out. Most white men don’t see like some chores are meant to be done by women or that the woman’s place is in the kitchen. They want a woman to feel like their partner. So most white men won’t sit and let a woman drown in house chores. If you are overwhelmed, they will gladly help out.

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