Top 5 signs that she wants to be more than just friends with an Asian male

Asian man chatting online

Can you pick up signs she wants to be more than friends?

Online dating has become the sure way to go. This is where most people make connections. And the beauty of it is that you can be connected with anyone despite their race. In fact, that is how I met my Asian husband. We met on Asian dating sites. He is Japanese and for some reason, we just clicked.

Now, one thing with online dating is that sometimes there can be mixed signals flying around. A woman might genuinely like you but you fail to pick up on the signs. It gets even more confusing if it’s an online chat forum.

People have always been downplaying Asian men’s masculinity. And for this reason, there are some who are quite shy about interracial dating. Some might feel that women of other races might not be attracted to them. So even when a woman hints that she likes you, you might miss those signs.

Well, I am here to squash that myth. Asian men are sexy and they are as masculine as masculinity gets. And women of all races can be attracted to them. As an Asian man on an online chat forum, you need to be on the lookout for signs she wants to be more than friends. Below are 5 signs that she has a crush on you…

1. She is interested in what you have to say

woman on computerWhen chatting on a forum, there are usually more than two people involved in the conversation. And it can be quite hard to decide who really likes your train of thought. But, that doesn’t mean its impossible to figure this out.

See, if a woman keeps replying to your chats or is constantly following what you have to say, then clearly, it seems she likes you. If she keeps agreeing with what you have to say or keeps disagreeing with what you have to say, then there is probably something. It is a way of her telling you that she likes the way you think.

How about side chatting her… You definitely have a great icebreaker to your advantage. And that is the conversation you were having on the forum. Lead with that. Tell her you like the way she bashed you there.

2. She keeps using the @your name

Let’s say your name is Akimitsu. If the woman keeps @Akimitsu… on the chat forum, then you have definitely grabbed her attention. She is basically ignoring everyone else and is addressing you directly. It’s like the conversation has become between the two of you.

@Dude, you better get the hint. She is interested that’s for sure. use the @ on her too to show her that you have noted she got your attention. And take the chat private immediately.

3. If she gives you a nickname, those are signs she wants to be more than friends

You have your name Akimitsu. But based on your online discussion, this woman has decided to call you say “know it all”. Now, the only reason a woman would give a dude a nickname is that she is thinking about you. She is begging you to as why she gave you that nickname.

Another way of being sure is when she starts using adjectives before your name when referring to you. For instance, “sweet Akimitsu”. What are you waiting for? What more signs do you need. You better take that clear hint and side chat her like yesterday.

4. She becomes protective of you.

Now when a woman starts protecting you from the other members you are having the discussion with, then you are a tag team. Basically, she is showing you that she has got your back. People can be harsh on these online chat forums I must say. And if this woman is crushing on you, she will definitely tell off anyone who makes rude comments about you. She will come to your defense and speak up.

Do not take this lightly. Start with “Thanks for having my back back there” and see where it leads. And I know for sure it will lead somewhere if you play your cards right.

5. She side-chats you.

Of all the above signs she wants to be more than friends, this is it! A woman will never bother to just side chat you if she isn’t interested in you. If you like her too, then take advantage of this. When a woman makes the first move, she is really crushing on you.

All the best!

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