Setting up your first online dating profile

online dating profile

Your online dating profile plays an important role in the success rate of your online dating. Online dating is quite different from offline dating, while in offline dating people are going to judge you on the basis of your behavior, the first impression in online dating is all about how good you created your profile.

An average user takes approximately 2-3 seconds to decide whether to swap left or right, and he/she is going to make the decision on the basis on of that 2-second impression. Let’s go through some tips to improve the success % of online dating.

How to select a profile picture:

A good profile picture is a key ingredient of an impressive dating profile, few tips for impressive profile picture:

  • Your best picture should be the display picture of your profile
  • Post some pictures with a smiling face.
  • People with pets are found have more matches
  • Post a picture while pursuing your hobby.

Your biography:

After profile picture there comes biography, biography helps in understanding your expectation and some basic information about yourself.

Some case studies have found that people who had interesting biography were able to find better matches, a good biography also expresses your sincerity for the dating.

Stay honest:

Honesty is something that you need to display if you are searching for a longterm partner, being honest will help you in the long run of your relationship and will keep your partner satisfied with what you are.

Many people do this common mistake of being dishonest with their financial or education status, and they mess up everything on the very first date.

Quality-humour wins hearts

Yes, you need to show your sincerity towards dating but that doesn’t mean that you need to stay serious, people love interacting with people who have a good sense of humor and who are capable of sustaining interesting communication.

Staying positive

Being positive about your life add up to your valuation, a majority of the people are searching for a partner who has a positive outlook towards life.

Even if you had a bad experience in your past relationship, don’t spill the beans by saying negative about your Ex.  

Grammar check

Bad grammar turns off people, so if you are bad at grammar then you should better take help of someone who is good at it.

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