On this page, I aim to provide handy links to websites and videos that are related to the topic of Asian interracial dating as well as providing a booklist of those reads that I consider great relating to our topic of interest.

asian couple with newborn

Website articles worth checking out:

An interesting piece written by a Chinese-American who married a white man, and the reaction that they receive.

An article illustrating certain things that only Asian female and male couples will be able to relate to.

Article about Holly Wolf, a playmate bunny, who only dates asian males.

An article that outlines some of the struggles facing interracial couples

Research report on the differences experienced by Asian and Caucasian couples when it comes to giving birth. 

Another great article giving an illustration as to what it is like to be an Asian woman in an interracial relationship.

An article that gives potential reasons as to why Asian women date white men.

Videos to peruse:


Books worth a read:

asian man reading book

The Asian Man’s Guide to Dating – Spryal Lin

How to Attract Asian Women – Ming Tan

The Official Dating Guide for Asian Men – Ron McBalls



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