I landed myself an Asian girlfriend and I am loving every minute of it

Asian woman white man

I am dating Asian and loving it!

My statement above looks like its something unbelievable, right? Well, that’s not it. What I really mean by that is that I wasn’t actively searching for an Asian woman in particular. I just happened to land her. The cards had just been aligned for us.

How it all began.

I had been on this online dating site for some months. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. All I was looking for was to make a real connection with a great woman. I had been talking to women I thought fit the glove but it was all in vain. One day, as I was about to log out and go to bed, a window popped up on my screen. “What are you doing up so late? Any luck?”

I quickly went through her profile and started wondering why I had been missing her’s when searching. Oh! Wait! She is 2 years younger than the age bracket of preferred mate I had specified. Anyway, I replied, “If I had had any luck, you wouldn’t have found me on here”. And we got to talking after that. “Hana is what they call me,” she said.  She was very captivating and our conversation went on and on…

Well after a little back and forth and skype calls, we figured, let us through the spanner in the works and test this connection offline.

Well, we passed the test! We have been together for… 7 months and counting.

asian white coupleWhy am I dating Asian and loving it?

I got the very best woman I could ever look for. She is kind, honest, fun loving… I always look forward to the next time we are together. I am not going to say its because she is Asian. I believe she is just a great soul.

One thing I have really enjoyed about dating an Asian is that she tells me some interesting stuff about her culture. Then again, she is easy… she will crack jokes about some of the traditions Asians practice that she is not into. And I love the fact that she knows I am really into her for who she is.

Since I am planning to marry her someday, I love the way she speaks about her family. And I can’t begin to imagine just how caring she will be when we begin our own.

Moving forward

Ever since I started dating Hana, I always wonder if our love will be the kind of love that Mark Zuckerberg and her wife Priscilla Chan. Those two seem like they are so in sync. I want us to build a relationship based on love, respect and trust. And so far we are doing great.

I am planning on proposing to her on her birthday, which is about 8 months away. Before I do that, I want to go meet her family… her immediate family that is. I have to admit, it scares the sh** out of me as I have heard tales of how most Asian families prefer their kids to marry Asian. But to be honest I am keeping an open mind.

Advice to other singles

Love truly comes in all colors. Let your preference in someone be based on a real attraction and real connection. Don’t limit yourself to one race. You never know. Look at me, I have never pictured myself with an Asian woman. But here I am, dating Asian and loving it!


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