How life is different now that I am dating a cute Asian guy

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I am dating this cute Asian guy. Guess where I met him? You guessed right. I met him on an interracial dating site. Well, I have to admit that never in a million years would have seen myself dating an Asian dude. The thought just never crossed my mind. But to be honest, Lee just happened to steal my heart.

See, what happens with online dating is that some men fail to see signs she wants more.

Our meeting was accidental must say. His profile was among those that had just joined the site. It just happened to be there. And since I hadn’t specified the racial preference, I happened to stumble across it. You might call it luck or fate as some would have it.

“What a cute Asian guy”, I thought to myself. I figured, why not read his profile and see what he is made of. I was impressed! Never had I ever read a profile where a man expressed himself that way. The words just spoke to me.

I never make the first move. But with Lee,  I had to. I didn’t want to miss that God sent chance if you want to call it that.

“Impressive profile” was my opening line. And it was smooth sailing after that. We chatted into the night and figured we just throw the spanner in the works and meet. I mean, why wait!!!

We chose to meet up for lunch. I must say, he even looked better in person. No cliches here.

What’s different about this cute Asian guy?

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I have never dated interracially. So for me, everything was just different. This guy is such a gentle soul. He is kind and very in touch with what women want. There are lots of cultural stereotypes associated with Asian men. But to be honest, Lee is just Lee.  And one thing I really liked about him is that he doesn’t let these stereotypes define him

Compared to the white men I have dated, Lee seems to be so down-to-earth and confident at the same time. Yes, he is a lawyer but that doesn’t make him egoistic. He is the kind of guy who is just so easy going.

It came as a shock to me when he told me that he wanted me to meet his brother and sister after just 2 weeks of dating. I was like, “Ok! Dude really knows what he wants and wants to put a stamp on it.” Well, I agreed to and they were amazing I must say. Now that that is done, all I am dreading is meeting the parents. And yes, it’s that serious.

Lee puts me on a pedestal. He is so amazing. He spoils me every chance he gets. I never thought I would ever meet a man who valued me as he does.  This has been the most amazing 8 months of my life.

Much as he is born and bred in America, he has tried as much as he can to expose me to his culture. And it has been such a learning experience… a great one I must add. He has taken me to great Asian restaurants. And he makes the best left-over rice breakfast… IN BED!!!

The way things are going, I am seeing myself spending my life with this cute Asian guy.


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