Dealing with negative friends that are getting in the way of your happiness

disapproving friends

Do you have negative friends who don’t approve of your Asian interracial relationship?

The thing is, people have different attitudes towards interracial romance. Sadly, some of the people who might not approve of your relationship could be your friends. What do you do in such a situation? Because clearly, you are being forced to choose between friends and love. Are such friends who don’t support you worth having?

How to handle disapproving friends

Talk to them

friends dialogue

If your friends are really valid friends, then they need to support you no matter what. You cannot change someone’s opinion about something. However, all you can do is tell your side and why you like the person you like and ask them to have an open mind about your relationship. If they are true to you, they will behave around your new interracial love.

Always protect your partner

The best way to deal with such negative friends is to always have your partner’s back. When your boyfriend or girlfriend is not around then your friends start talking badly about him or her, make it clear to them that such talk is not allowed. Whenever they bombard your partner with some racist stuff, defend them.

Set boundaries

Sometimes, people just need to be told to their faces what you expect of them. Let your know friends know that you are an adult. They need to respect your decision. If they make a decision to choose not to be your friend, let them know it’s up to them.

Sometimes negative friends are not worth having in your life

There reaches a time in life when you have to say “enough”. If your friends hate the person you care about, then maybe its time you cut the cord. Who knows. This person they are rejecting could be the best thing that ever happened to you.


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