So you want to date an Asian woman?




You’ve always had a thing for oriental Asian women, but you’ve never actually dated one.  Maybe it’s because you’ve never hung out in the same social circles or maybe you are apprehensive as to what might be involved. Well, rest easy because we are going to provide you with a few handy tips that hopefully will make it easier for you to venture into an asian interracial relationship.

Ditch the stereotypes

At the heart of the matter, all women are individual. This means that stereotypes are pretty much non-existent and will only lead to your misjudging or underestimating someone and, to be honest, can be insulting. Yet, with that said there are common characteristics that MOST Asian women tend to have in common, especially those who have been raised with a traditional Asian upbringing.

They respect traditional gender roles

In traditional Asian culture, the man is someone to be respected. He must be strong, able to pay his own way and when the time comes to make a decision, they best be ready to make one. Basically, a weak and indecisive male will not have the respect of his Asian partner.

They are family orientated

Essentially, they are joint at the hip to mum and dad. When it comes to making a decision, it is not uncommon that they will seek the approval of their parents in order to make one. Compared to western society, research shows that Asians are likely to stay longer with their parents and often until they are married. It is important that as a western man you realize very quickly the importance of family to your partner and do everything within your power to respect this.

They need security

Most Asian women that I have encountered from traditional oriental cultures are keen for security. Yes, I mean financially. You may have noticed this when observing Asian couples and how the man is often much older? This stems from the situation that generally exists in their homelands. Women’s rights are largely non-existent in many Asian countries and, as a result, choosing a partner that can support them financially might just be the difference between a life of happiness and one of poverty and struggle.


There you have it, a couple of tips to get you started as you dive into your first asian interracial relationship. Basically, on the first date ensure that you ‘be a man’, listen with compassion as she talks about her family, and ensure you get the bill. Following these tips will hold you in good stead!

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