So You Are Dating An Asian Person, What Now?

asian person

There has been a lot of stereotypes about Asians, whether it’s male or female. It’s important to understand some common mistakes that a lot of people do that turn any Asian off and we will be discussing what to expect from your Asian partner. Let’s start the discussion.

Misconceptions that might not be true about Asians

  • Please stop stereotyping them; they are unique human being with unique behavior.
  • Asia is the biggest continent and contains hundreds of different cultures, so stop guessing about their cultural values.
  • Most Americans consider Asian submissive, it’s not true with every Asian.
  • They are family oriented people but they all don’t live with their whole family.

asian person

All about dating Asian

They are marriage material

There is something very common in Asian that is very difficult to find in other parts of the world, they are very family oriented, no matter if you are talking about men or women, Asians are raised to be compassionate towards the family.

Most of the Asians came from big joint families where they all live together with complete harmony, they know how to adjust with people.

They are good with their finance

Asians put most emphasis on their money management, they were taught to save money from the beginning of their upbringing.

Asia contains a big chunk of the world’s population that exposed them to a large amount of competition, high level of competition made them purse for constant betterment. Many studies have found that Asians are more educated than average Americans and because of their higher level of education, they were found to earn more as well.asian person

They cook delicious food

I am a big fan of Asian food, especially the Indian food. I had an Indian girlfriend a few years back and that how I got my first exposure to Indian food. We are no more into a relationship, but my relationship with the Indian food is unshakable.

They will respect your parents as well

That’s the best thing I see in my partner, no partner in the world will treat your partner like Asian do. Most of the Asians live in with their big family and they have a tradition to respect the elders, they will respect your parents more than you do.

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